Customized & Doctor Assisted FirstLine Therapy® Weight Loss & Body Shaping Programs – the “New You” Weight Loss Solution!

Do you struggle with Weight Loss, or have tried many Fad Diets where you only gained all the weight back? We have a solution that will work for you if you qualify for acceptance into this Customized & Doctor-Directed Program!

The “New You” FirstLine Therapy® Weight Loss & Body Shaping Program is a Customized & Doctor-Assisted and designed to teach therapeutic lifestyle changes to keep weight off, which are scientifically proven lifestyle medicine treatments to achieve long-term results*, and can be combined with our safe and effective Homeopathic Supplements to trigger Rapid Weight Loss!!! NO INJECTIONS, NO HORMONES, & NO HCG, simply the best effective long-term weight lose solution. Best of all, there is no pre-set financial cost – your choose the options and strategies you want to utilize in order to customize and maximize your weight loss and body shaping goals!

Our Physician Directed weight loss programs are shown to reduce the hard-to-lose fat around the waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and double chin. Our patients have found that on average they lose about a pound a day using this method of weight loss! Of course, there are some dietary restrictions, but most patients find that their shopping trips become more structured and easier to accomplish, not harder! A Complete Health History and any needed Laboratory Blood Work testing are necessary to determine if you qualify for Dr. Hollis to accept you into the FirstLine Therapy® Program.

Only certain candidates can be accepted and space is Limited, Call Today for More Information!